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Re: Lutino cocks

Posted by tim on 12/29/05
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    On 12/29/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 12/29/05, tim wrote:
    >> Here's a pic of the lutinos that were suppose to be a pair.
    >> They are both male,they were very skinny,dirty,and scared
    >> of the world. I wasn't impressed with them when i saw them.
    >> I was there to buy a different bird from the lady but i
    >> couldn't leave them in that situation but they are putting
    >> on a little weight and starting to calm down a little bit.
    >> I talk to them everyday in a calming voice and they are
    >> starting to respond i wont give up on them i'm going to get
    >> them some girlfriends that should occupy some of their time.
    >> Tim
    > Tim,
    > Nice of you to take these boys in.
    > Not sure how familiar you are with lovebirds and the whole
    > breeding concept, but since you've mentioned that some of
    > your birds came from, let's say, a "less reputable breeder,"
    > you might want to consider having some testing done on them
    > by your vet.
    > Not to panic you, but if this is a serious endeavor for you,
    > your birds might be harboring some things that you might not
    > be able to see visually. Lovebirds can carry some diseases
    > that are not able to be seen. If not a complete testing, at
    > least some gram stains on your existing flock would be a good
    > place to start. This can also save you a lot of heart ache
    > and future problems.
    > This would give you peace of mind knowing that nothing is
    > wrong with the parent birds and when you go to sell the
    > offspring, you will be able to say that the parents have been
    > tested and are healthy.
    > Michael L
    > Michael L
    Thanks for the advice micheal but your too late when i took
    them to be sexed my vet suggested the same thing thats another
    reason i cant sell them ive got too much invested in them now
    LOL just kidding I think lutinos are beautiful and im excited
    about the babies they will produce. I think i will take your
    advice and get a aust-cinn hen for one of them any suggestions
    for the other?
    Also the results from the tests were negative. But he said they
    were very undernurished but we've got that taken care of and
    they look much better already. They are very good eaters and
    like most everything i give them.I'll be posting some more pics
    soon most of my hens are on eggs now so i have to catch them
    out i don't like bothering them more than i have to.But i did
    check out that slate hen this morning and shes up to three
    babies and crops were very full. (little pigs) Tim