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Re: Lost Partner

Posted by KC on 1/05/06
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    Hi Lyn,

    I've had this problem before. If she's a good mother and
    you still want babies, then let her sit on the eggs. It
    will be tough on her but she will still be able to hatch the
    eggs and raise the babies, unless if you are going to
    handfeed yourself. Also, if you throw out the eggs, she
    might try to lay more eggs. This is probably more

    On 1/03/06, Lyn wrote:
    > HI,
    > I have a pair of blue masked lovebirds that have laid
    > eggs. The male got out of his cage and is gone. The
    > female is still sitting on the eggs. I have never had
    > this happen before. Do I pull her box and through the
    > eggs away.
    > She is coming out and eating and pooping and going back in
    > and sitting on them.
    > Thanks,
    > Lyn