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Re: Lost Partner

Posted by Lyn on 1/05/06
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    Thanks, I have never had this happen before. It is
    horrible. I check her quite frequently to make sure she is
    eating and Pooping. So far she has been coming out and doing
    all of that.

    I don't think it would be good for her to try and raise the
    babies by herself. I think that would be too much for her. I
    guess it is just a day by day thing. But if she can get them
    old enough I will pull them and help her. I don't want to
    loose her. She is my favorite. Her name is Killer. She is a
    mean little thing but has just won our hearts. They should
    start hatching next week. The vet told me that birds do not
    die from missing a partner. I hope he is right.