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Re: what is proper nesting material for black masked lovies

Posted by Michael L on 1/06/06
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    On 1/06/06, Sandy S wrote:
    > I was wondering what black masked lovies maked there nests
    > out of? My one lovie is shredding newspaper putting it in
    > his water dish and taking underneath the rest of the
    > newspaper.....(thats what i use for the bottom of the
    > cage). Today while cleaning his cage I found a big ball
    > of newspaper wadded together and I think he is trying to
    > build a nest. So could some tell me the proper nesting
    > materials he needs.
    > Thanks,
    > Sandy S

    The masked lovebirds use essentially the same materials that
    the Peachface lovebirds do.
    A nestbox with a base of hemp, aspen or pine shavings (which
    would be my last choice) along with paper for the hen to
    shred and customize the nest, is all that they really need.
    If it's summer time and plants are growing, I will give them
    honeysuckle leaves or willow leaves as an added bonus
    Are you sure it's the male doing this because the hen is more
    apt to be making the nest.

    Michael L