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Re: what is proper nesting material for black masked lovies

Posted by sandy s on 1/06/06
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    On 1/06/06, Michael L wrote:
    > On 1/06/06, Sandy S wrote:
    >> I was wondering what black masked lovies maked there nests
    >> out of? My one lovie is shredding newspaper putting it in
    >> his water dish and taking underneath the rest of the
    >> newspaper.....(thats what i use for the bottom of the
    >> cage). Today while cleaning his cage I found a big ball
    >> of newspaper wadded together and I think he is trying to
    >> build a nest. So could some tell me the proper nesting
    >> materials he needs.
    >> Thanks,
    >> Sandy S
    > Sandy,
    > The masked lovebirds use essentially the same materials that
    > the Peachface lovebirds do.
    > A nestbox with a base of hemp, aspen or pine shavings (which
    > would be my last choice) along with paper for the hen to
    > shred and customize the nest, is all that they really need.
    > If it's summer time and plants are growing, I will give them
    > honeysuckle leaves or willow leaves as an added bonus
    > material.
    > Are you sure it's the male doing this because the hen is
    > apt to be making the nest.
    > Michael L

    I am not sure if he is a male or female. I havent had him DNA
    test. He is in his cage by himself, he isn't the nicest bird
    in the world. I still love him though. He has been down this
    with the newspaper for the last few months. I did the hand
    thing on his pelvic bone and the bones are very close
    together. Thats why I assumed he was a boy. I plan on taking
    all four of them next month to get DNA sexed. thanks for the