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Post: Another weird LB baby

Posted by KarenH on 1/07/06

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    I have a LB baby that looks like it's going to be cinnamon
    colored, you know, like the color of a cinnamon bird's
    flight feathers. The whole body appears to be this color! As
    soon as it feathers out more, I'll post pictures of it.

    The mother is a white faced Australian cinnamon violet that
    I bred from a pair that came from the lady who died.
    Remember that picture of the two "white" birds I posted a
    lot and love so much? The mother to this bird is one of those.

    The father of the baby I'm talking about is an Australian
    cinnamon I bought from Champion Aviary last year.

    I can hardly wait to see if this baby gets any color on its

    As for me scaling back my birds, It's starting to become
    IMPOSSIBLE to do that with all these new, exciting colors
    popping up.


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