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Re: Little Bit of this Lil bit of that

Posted by tim on 1/20/06
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    On 1/18/06, Michael L wrote:
    > On 1/18/06, tim wrote:
    >> assorted jellybeans lol
    > Your babies are very handsome. Doing a great job!
    > Michael L
    Thanks micheal its very exciting to see what the colors feather
    out to be,i pulled some more babies today these are from a aust
    cinn hen and a visual green split cock i know this because one
    of the babies is a red eye.Some of the other chicks have a
    orangeish brown down color very interesting.The cock is
    definatly split to lutino but he also has a black lacing on
    each feather that would remind you of fish scales any ideas ?
    Thanks Tim