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Re: Little Bit of this Lil bit of that

Posted by Michael L on 1/20/06
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    On 1/20/06, tim wrote:
    > On 1/18/06, Michael L wrote:
    >> On 1/18/06, tim wrote:
    >>> assorted jellybeans lol
    >> Your babies are very handsome. Doing a great job!
    >> Michael L
    > Thanks micheal its very exciting to see what the colors feather
    > out to be,i pulled some more babies today these are from a aust
    > cinn hen and a visual green split cock i know this because one
    > of the babies is a red eye.Some of the other chicks have a
    > orangeish brown down color very interesting.The cock is
    > definatly split to lutino but he also has a black lacing on
    > each feather that would remind you of fish scales any ideas ?
    > Thanks Tim

    At this point, the red eyes could indicate either cinnamon or
    lutino. What is the male split?
    If the male is not split to AC, any AC chicks would be male and
    if the baby is Lutino, then female.
    Not really sure of what the "fish scale" description might
    indicate. It's hard to say.
    Sometimes it takes several breedings of the same pair to see what
    hidden mutations there might be.

    Michael L