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Re: Little Bit of this Lil bit of that

Posted by KarenH on 1/22/06
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    A lacewing bird has each feather on the wings edged in black making it
    look sorta like lace. It's beautiful. I have one bird with this but none
    of the babies have ever had the lace on the wings. I've read that to get
    a lacewing you have to mix that gene with ino but I've yet to even try.
    I'm really bad with genetics. I'm guessing you have to keep back a baby
    from the lacewing pair and then breed it to an ino. I don't know if
    lacewing is sex linked or not so I'm not sure if all the babies are
    split lacewing or just males, etc. My lacewing in the pair is a male.
    Right now I have two babies from that pair and I may just keep both of
    them and get ino partners for them and see waht happens.