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Re: biting

Posted by KarenH on 1/18/06
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    Is he biting because he's trying to get away? If he's biting
    while trying to get away, he's scared and needs to be handled
    very gently and more often to let him know that you're not
    going to hurt him.

    Was he handfed?
    Could you hold him the day you brought him home?

    I ask the above questions because if a lovebird is handfed and
    not handled regularly, they're not very tame at all and you
    may never have a bird who likes to be held.


    On 1/18/06, patricia warren wrote:
    > hi i have a 4 mo. old latino lovebird
    > he wants to be out of his cage most of the time
    > when i do hold him ,he bites
    > what can i do ?
    > many thanks ,patricia

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