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Re: Too much poop?

Posted by KarenH on 1/21/06
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    If the poo looks normal, then it most likely is normal. Lots
    of times when this happens the bird is a hen. A hen will hold
    her poo for long periods of time and then release a massive
    amount especially when she's in the nest. She doesn't want to
    soil the nest so she holds it and then when she comes out she
    drops a large load. I've noticed that some of my pet hens will
    have a large load in the morning. Completely normal unless the
    poo looks to be an unhealthy color.


    On 1/19/06, Mickie wrote:
    > Hi,
    > When I uncovered my Lovies this morning, I noticed a huge
    > amount of poop under the perch. It almost looked the size of
    > what my CAG would do. Way too much for a Lovebird. Could one
    > of my lovies be sick? There's only two on this particular
    > perch, but it didn't look like the poop of two birds but one
    > huge drop. Can someone tell if this sounds normal? Thanks.
    > Mickie