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Re: lovie laid an egg

Posted by Michael L on 1/20/06
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    On 1/20/06, Sandy S wrote:
    > Hi all my lovie laid an egg.......which would explain why
    > she (I thought it was a he) was building a
    > nest.........What should I do I dont think it is fertile.
    > She only laid one....I dont know what to do please help..
    > Thanks
    > Denise


    If she's in a cage by herself it will not be fertile. If she
    has another bird with her, it might be if it's a male.
    Lovebirds lay eggs every second day.
    If she doesn't have a mate or a nest box, just leave the egg
    and allow her to brood or sit it as well as any other ones
    that she might lay.
    Make sure she's got a good diet which would supply her with
    calcium along with cuttlebone.
    Removing eggs will encourage her to lay more, so not a good
    idea. If it's on the bottom of the cage, make a make-shift
    nest out of a small box or container and put some bedding in
    it, along with the egg, for her to have a place to nest.
    She may become protective and testy when she's brooding so
    don't be surprised if she's not as nice as she might have
    once been.

    Michael L