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Re: What color is this lovebird?/pic3

Posted by KarenH on 1/22/06
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    Thanks, MKay.

    Wow MKay, yours is a beauty too.

    My bird has a grey rump-DDF. The blue is from the towel. I'll take pics
    next on a red towel. It's whole body is dove color. The bib is white
    and the rump is grey and tips of tail are a darker gray like the rump.

    Is dilute also considered Dutch blue? I'm not familiar with dilute at
    all. The ma of this bird is a white faced Australian cinnamon violet and
    pa is an Australian cinnamon that I bought from Champion Aviaries last
    year so it is a blue series bird. The other babies in this clutch were
    all Australian cinnamon and looked just like pa. However this one, when
    it started feathering out had the cinnamon flights poking out so I
    figured it was going to be an Australian cinnamon but I got a neat
    little surprise.


    On 1/22/06, MKay wrote:
    > Karen, it's a beautiful baby!! Was that blue I saw on the rump?
    > My vote is for dilute. With the soft grey body color, it's much
    > lighter than a slate. I am awaiting Michael's response after "his
    > cronies" get back with him, but I'll guess there's dilute in there.
    > Remember my Christmas surprise... ? Here's Anya, our baby from DDF
    > bluemasked lovebirds; dad is split to dilute, but we never knew
    > until the baby came!
    > Congratulations on your new surprise. Stunning!!