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Re: What color is this lovebird?/pic3

Posted by KarenH on 1/22/06
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    Yes I'm keeping the little dovie. I live in eastern Missouri.

    Oh yes, lovebird mutations are fun. Some day I may even be able to identify
    more than 3 or 4 correctly. LOL I have pied, dutch blue, olive, blue series
    Australian cinnamon, lutino and creamino down pat. Only 30 or 40 more color
    mutations to go. . . ahahahahaha

    I have a friend who always calls Dutch blue birds dilute, that's why I was
    asking if dilute was Dutch blue.

    Yes that pied is a darling. I have another bird that is going to be a lime
    green color with an orange face. I have no idea what that mutation is
    called. It's a cinnamon too because it has cinnamon flights.


    On 1/22/06, MKay wrote:
    > Karen, are you keeping yours? It does look like a beautiful miniature
    > dove. I don't remember--where do you live?
    > I don't know that I can accurately describe dilute, other than it is
    > recognized by a lighter wash over the entire bird, a subdued
    > coloration. Like a fallow, but with dark eyes, as the fallows have red
    > eyes. Maybe someone else can help out with this one? I know it's been
    > referred to as "yellow" or "silver" mutations.. ????? Aren't lovebird
    > genetics fun!?!?!?
    > By the way--your little pied is a cutie, too!