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Re: Aust cinn hen/MKay

Posted by Andie on 1/26/06
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    On 1/22/06, MKay wrote:
    > On 1/22/06, tim wrote:
    >> This is one of my hens she is suppose to be a aust cinn.
    >> All the pics i have seen of aust cinns the birds have blue
    >> on thier rumps. Mine is all gray whats up? Tim
    > I thought Australian Cinnamons were a whiteface mutation.
    > Back to the books for me... is this opaline, with the full
    > orange hood?

    I know this post is a little late...the boards have been busy
    lately! I thought the Australian Cinnamon was a green mutation
    at first because I thought that's what I had. It's actually in
    the green and blue series. I guess maybe they're just calling
    them whitefaced australian cinnamons now? I'm not sure....but
    the link below has a picture of both!