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Re: Aust cinn hen

Posted by KarenH on 1/27/06
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    I also have green series Australian cinnamons. I have one male that
    is lime green with an orange face and the cinnamon flights. I'm
    feeding one of his babies right now. I'll post pics of that one when
    it has more feathers.


    On 1/27/06, MKay wrote:
    >> I know this post is a little late...the boards have been busy
    >> lately! I thought the Australian Cinnamon was a green
    > mutation
    >> at first because I thought that's what I had. It's actually
    > in
    >> the green and blue series. I guess maybe they're just calling
    >> them whitefaced australian cinnamons now? I'm not sure....but
    >> the link below has a picture of both!
    > I'm taking a shot at an answer here.. does yours have an orange
    > face? The blue series would have white faces, and blue rumps.
    > If they are violet australian cinnamons, then they would carry
    > the violet factor (unless unintentionally misrepresented by the
    > seller)
    > I'm not so sure about the green series; I thought all Aus Cinns
    > had white faces, but I don't know! I know they have the
    > grey/brown flights, if they are cinnamons. Some of the lighter
    > yellows are called "golden" or "yellow" in the green series.
    > They have so many different names.. sorry I can't help, but I'm
    > still fairly new at this myself! I prefer the white faces. :)