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Re: Aust cinn hen/MKay

Posted by Andie on 1/27/06
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    On 1/27/06, MKay wrote:
    > I'm not so sure about the green series; I thought all Aus Cinns
    > had white faces, but I don't know! I know they have the
    > grey/brown flights, if they are cinnamons. Some of the lighter
    > yellows are called "golden" or "yellow" in the green series.
    > They have so many different names.. sorry I can't help, but I'm
    > still fairly new at this myself! I prefer the white faces. :)

    All Aus Cinns in the blue series have white faces, with or without
    the peach crown on their forhead. The green series has the normal
    peach face, blue rump, cinnamon flights ect. The orangeface is a
    separate gene. It would have to be an orangeface aus cin to get
    the orange face. That link I posted had a picture of a blue and
    green series Aus Cinn. If you click on the pictures they get
    bigger =). Check out my post on the "what color is this lovebird"
    posts and I have a picture of my Aus Cin baby. I was saying maybe
    they just call the blue series Aus Cinns Whiteface Aus Cinns now.
    Not sure about that one...but the rest I'm sure of! =D