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Re: For Tim

Posted by Michael L on 1/22/06
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    On 1/22/06, tim wrote:

    > I suppose your asking because of the (what you may think are
    > stupid questions)sorry for that but,i have no info on the
    > parentage of the pairs i bought other than the fact that the
    > breeder that put these pairs together did so for the
    > mutations that they would throw and that many were splits.
    > Now as far as birds i have bred
    > parakeets,cockatiels,parrotlets,bluefronts,peachfront and
    > nanday conures,around fifty different breeds of chickens,many
    > breeds of geese and ducks,pheashant,quail,turkeys,guineas etc.
    > Most of these birds i raised in my younger days now that i'm
    > about your age almost 50 and since i was disabled about 7 yrs
    > ago i have slowed down quite a bit along with my stock (i now
    > breed three different types of box turtles and also own four
    > south african leopard tortoises.I still breed parrotlets and
    > just got the lovebirds not long ago.
    > Now as far as the babies go.Some of the babies are spoken for
    > (family and friends)also the local pet store wants some but
    > they want to FINISH them out am im not willing to do that for
    > fear that they will get a babie that i would want to keep for
    > future stock again, because i dont know what i'll get from
    > these guys, also i have reserved a table in my local bird
    > show coming up i can't wait i better leave my checkbook at
    > home!lol Also there is about 5 that i have decided to keep
    > i'm sure when it's all said and done ill probably wind up
    > with more than 5 and as im sure you know its not very hard to
    > sell parrotlets.Also thanks for all your knowledge you bring
    > to the board,i happen to read everything you write i might
    > just learn something. Thanks Tim

    I wasn't asking about your previous bird experience because of
    what you ask. Questions are how we all learn.
    I was curious as to what birds you have had or have now as it's
    always interesting to see what attracts people to certain
    species of birds. You do have quite an assortment. Wish I
    lived where I could have chickens and fowl.
    I also appreciate the compliment and your kind words.

    Michael L