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Re: For Tim

Posted by KarenH on 1/22/06
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    Do you have any tame lovebirds yet? Once you have a tame one, you
    will be hooked for life. I also raise TAGs and my favorite bird is
    still the peachfaced lovebird. In fact I haven't loved any TAG baby
    enough to keep one! However I do have a lot of lovebird pets that I
    wouldn't part with for any amount of money, and I have been offered
    $150 for Wilma which I politely turned down.

    Wilma is unusual in my opinion because she likes everyone and will
    go to everyone. I usually keep her wings clipped because when she is
    flighted she flies to strangers and lands on their shoulder. She
    also will fly to you when called, if she is flighted at the time. I
    fly her in a warehouse that a friend owns. It's really, really neat
    to see her fly like that.