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Re: lovie and egg

Posted by KarenH on 1/22/06
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    Yeah just leave the egg. If you take it, she may lay another
    one. You take that one and she lays another one. It can become
    a bad cycle of continuous laying if you keep taking the eggs.

    If you leave it, she'll eventually get tired of it and either
    shove it aside or break it. My Wilma lays 2 or 3 eggs every
    couple of months. In about a week she is done with them.
    What's funny is she has this wooden thread spool that she
    keeps with her eggs. I guess she thinks it is an egg too.

    Does your bird get bitey when she has eggs? Wilma is a little
    witch when she has eggs. You can't even get your hand in her
    cage without losing a finger. When she is out of her cage and
    away from the eggs, she's just as nice as she always is.

    I'd watch your lovebird around the parakeet. I've found that
    when lovebirds are young they tolerate and even like other
    species of birds. But when they get older, over a year, they
    don't like other species like they used to and can and will
    injure another bird.


    On 1/22/06, sandy s wrote:
    > Soory to confuse people my daughter Denise wrote the last
    > message and signed her name instead of mine...Michael, she
    > hets out of her cage and spends time with her
    > mate......She is only 8 months old and her mate is 5
    > months old they are in seprate cages because she isnt nice
    > to him in thew same cage.......the thing is she doesnt
    > attempt to breed with the other to lovies but with the
    > parakeet I have....she flies over to his cage and tries to
    > mate with him.....He is the only one of my birds that she
    > has been nice to in the last couple of weeks.......I know
    > lovebirds and parakeets cant mate.....should I not let
    > them near each other anymore or just leave them to preen
    > and kiss......any help is greatful........P.S she is only
    > sitting on the egg at night.....It's not fertile because
    > the other two lovies are to young to breed yet one is 5
    > months and the other is 3 months...... should I just keep
    > it in there?
    > Thanks
    > Sandy S