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Re: MKay and Karen//Tim

Posted by KarenH on 1/24/06
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    Mine is only around 7 weeks old now and isn't even weaned yet. I
    can't remember what color down it had because, I hate to say
    this, but I didn't pay much attention to what color the down was
    because I thought it was going to be an Australian cinnamon like
    that pair always has. It's not an opaline, I'm sure of that. His
    beak is even the same color as the other Australian cinnamons. I
    think the down was orangish but I'm not 100% certain.

    I, too, await more pictures of your little cutie.


    On 1/23/06, MKy wrote:
    > Tim,
    > My little one had white down. All white, and a bone-colored
    > beak. I can't tell what yours is, but I will look forward
    > to more pictures as it feathers!