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Re: another shot

Posted by tim on 1/25/06
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    Karen,i do think silvers are a blue series bird but i havent heard
    it called aust cinn i think thats yet another bird, i looked at
    both on different sites and the aust cinn has more color all around.
    When you see my hen in person its hard to even see the light
    greenish yellow on the wings in the picture its shows up dark i
    would like to learn more about the settings on my camera so it will
    take more true to life colors (so many settings)just got it for x-
    mas but im learning.My little grey baby is so cccool! getting close
    to feathering out i can't wait!!! P.S. yesterday i noticed one of
    my violets that is feathering out is pied AWESOME!!!
    This is too much fun!! Tim

    On 1/25/06, KarenH wrote:
    > Your silver hen looks like it's a blue series Australian cinnamon.
    > Does that color mutation share the two names?
    > Karen
    > On 1/24/06, tim wrote:
    >> On 1/24/06, KarenH wrote:
    >>> Cute little guys. I can't wait to see them when they're fully
    >>> dressed. :)
    >>> Is your silver hen gray like my baby?
    >>> Karen
    >>> On 1/23/06, tim wrote:
    >>>> Hers another shot OH forgot to tell you mother is silver
    >>>> father is whiteface violet. Tim
    >> Karen this is the parents of the chick, silver hen in front( i
    >> guess they also call it american white or some call it dilute.
    >> Micheal please correct me if im wrong. The male is a wf violet.
    >> I sure hope it comes out gray like your little one but i have a
    >> feeling it probably will be a silver. I can still hope though!
    >> Looks like the rest of the clutch are going to be violets.
    >> Tim