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Re: another shot

Posted by Michael L on 1/26/06
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    On 1/25/06, tim wrote:
    > Karen,i do think silvers are a blue series bird but i havent heard
    > it called aust cinn i think thats yet another bird, i looked at
    > both on different sites and the aust cinn has more color all around.
    > When you see my hen in person its hard to even see the light
    > greenish yellow on the wings in the picture its shows up dark i
    > would like to learn more about the settings on my camera so it will
    > take more true to life colors (so many settings)just got it for x-
    > mas but im learning.My little grey baby is so cccool! getting close
    > to feathering out i can't wait!!! P.S. yesterday i noticed one of
    > my violets that is feathering out is pied AWESOME!!!
    > This is too much fun!! Tim

    Now that I see the bird, I believe Karen is correct. It appears to
    be a WF Australian Cinnamon and that would account for the lesser
    color in the body compared to an AC that is not WF.
    The one I question is the male in the background. It may be the
    photo, but I don't see it as being a Violet bird, but again, could
    just be the way the camera captured the colors.

    Michael L

    PS Here's a WF AC Violet hen to give you a reference point. This is
    her as a young bird. I'll post a mature picture of her shortly.
    There is a color difference as they mature.