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Re: bowl of chirpios////Mmmmmm goood.

Posted by KarenH on 1/24/06
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    Now do you add milk or what?

    OMG when you get into something, you jump in full force. Last
    year at this time I had that many babies. I've been cutting
    back on the babies by not putting up all the nests this year.
    I'm only feeding 9 right now with no more on the way. Yipee.

    I'm having a lot of trouble trying to decide what colors to
    keep back for future breeders. It looks like I'm going to have
    one Dutch blue bird with a yellow face. I had one last year
    and it was so sweet and tame that I ended up sellng it as a
    pet. I like to keep back the ones that aren't pet quality but
    here lately all have been really sweet.

    I can't wait to see pictures when they have feathers. Keep
    them coming.