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Re: I believe I have an answer to my gray lovie color.

Posted by tim on 1/25/06
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    On 1/25/06, KarenH wrote:
    > I think it's a whitefaced mauve, aka slate.
    > Check out this link and click on whitefaced mauve. That bird
    > looks very much like mine. However mine doesn't have any
    > green on the wings. But mine is a baby. My violet babies
    > never have any green on their wings either until after their
    > first moult.
    > It'll be interesting to see the green develop on my little
    > girl's wings.
    > Karen
    Karen i have two wf slate hens and again when you see the
    bird in person you dont see any green i think it is because
    of the camera.But i still dont think your baby is a slate
    either its something more special and i want one!!!!LOL Tim