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Re: I believe I have an answer to my gray lovie color.

Posted by KarenH on 1/25/06
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    Ruh Roh, not a slate? My bird has no green, no red, no blue.
    That blue towel was a bad idea for background color because it
    makes it look like it has a bluish tint to the belly and a blue
    tail and it does not. Today I took more pics but on a red towel.
    Now maybe the bird will have a red tint. LOL So it will be a
    few more days before I get those pics back.

    My digital is crappy and not very useful for clear shots. I'm
    bidding on a good digital on EBay, Nikon Coolpix 5700 5.1
    megapixel. With the macro you can get shots to within 1/2" of
    the subject. Some day I'll actually win one and then look out! LOL

    I have found that if you cover up part of the flash it really
    helps to get more true-to-life color. Too much flash washes out
    the pictures. You have to experiment to see how much black tape
    to use. I have half of the flash covered up on the camera I'm
    using now, Canon EOS Rebel X, and it does the trick quite nicely.


    > Karen i have two wf slate hens and again when you see the
    > bird in person you dont see any green i think it is because
    > of the camera.But i still dont think your baby is a slate
    > either its something more special and i want one!!!!LOL Tim