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Re: I believe I have an answer to my gray lovie color.

Posted by Alison on 1/26/06
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    On 1/25/06, KarenH wrote:
    > I think it's a whitefaced mauve, aka slate.
    > Check out this link and click on whitefaced mauve. That bird
    > looks very much like mine. However mine doesn't have any
    > green on the wings. But mine is a baby. My violet babies
    > never have any green on their wings either until after their
    > first moult.
    > It'll be interesting to see the green develop on my little
    > girl's wings.
    > Karen
    That 'slate' bird in the picture looks similar to the bird my
    friend has, except no green at all. She has been trying to
    figure out what hers is too and no one seems to be able to
    put a name to it. Please let us know if you ever find out
    what it is. -Alison-