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Re: I believe I have an answer to my gray lovie color.

Posted by Not Michael but Karen on 1/26/06
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    Here's the link.
    You have to put someting in the "Link Title:" area. That will be
    where the people have to click to get to your link. You also
    ahve to remove the first http:// too.

    That is the site where I got the picture of the slate bird.

    Oh and part of the fun of raising lovebirds, for me, is the hunt
    to figure out what color morph I've got. Then trying to figure
    out what to breed it with to get that or even different colors.

    As slow as I am at learning PF lovebird genetics, it should keep
    me amused for at least another decade! Ahahahahaha

    (I wish we had smilies here. I love smilies!)


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