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Re: For Tim...WF AC Violet Hen

Posted by Michael L on 1/26/06
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    On 1/26/06, tim wrote:

    > Micheal it sure looks pretty close although my bird may not
    > have the violet factor as her rump shows a very light wash of
    > light blue but as far as body color it looks very close.
    > Are you saying micheal that SILVER is another term for the wf
    > aust cinn? as karen suggested.Please UNCONFUSE me LOL Tim

    No, Tim. Silver is another term for American White. When you
    described your bird to me, you used the term Silver. That is
    why I mentioned that it is also called American White.
    As you know, lovebird organizations both in the USA, Europe and
    other parts of the world, cannot agree on a universal
    terminology to describe mutations as each country feels that
    their "interpretation" is correct! So we have quite a few
    interchangeable tems to describe the same mutation.

    If your bird has a blus wash on the rump, it wouldn't carry a
    violet factor or be considered violet. It would be a WF AC.
    The blue rump is normal for them.

    Michael L