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Re: Any suggestions on the best lovebird book?

Posted by tim on 1/26/06
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    On 1/26/06, KarenH wrote:
    >> The Colored Atlas of Lovebords - Dr. Alessandro D'Angieri -
    >> TFH Publications.
    > I really wish we could edit our posts. That should say
    > lovebirds, not bords. ha ha
    > I got these books off of Ebay and/or Almost any book
    > you want is there and you can even do a search for it!
    > Karen
    Karen i just done at amazon and i bought 4 books.
    The colored atlas,lovebirds and their color mutations,the
    professional's book of lovebirds and The lovebird that should
    keep me busy for awhile they didnt have lovebird mutations for
    dummies i Tim