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Re: Found some more gray lovies - Link #2

Posted by tim on 1/26/06
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    On 1/26/06, KarenH wrote:
    > On 1/26/06, KarenH wrote:
    >> Check this out. This person is selling one that looks like
    >> mine, one that is even darker gray (slate???) and two
    >> violets. All from the same clutch. Sheesh if I lived
    >> closer, I'd buy the two gray ones in a heartbeat.
    >> Karen
    Karen i'm about 99% sure my baby is going to be gray his
    feathers are just starting to pop out and so far they are as
    grey as it gets i'm so happy i could sh_t. LOL
    I'll post a pic really soon i'll let him feather out a little
    more also i need to take a pic of one of his siblings a little
    violet pied i want keep them all!!! actually sold 4 yesterday
    and i miss them already. Tim