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Re: Jealous!

Posted by KarenH on 1/27/06
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    On 1/26/06, Andie wrote:
    > Gosh...first I missed the picture fest, then baby guessing
    > and all sorts of fun. I need to load up some more pictures
    > =P. All these new babies too and I don't have any to
    > snuggle!
    > Well, I'm going to a fair in 2 wks to find some MALES!
    > Then hopefully I'll be able to join in the picturefests!
    > Andie


    I hope you find some males. I find I have that problem too. My
    males are so sweet and loveable that I end up selling them as
    pets and I'm stuck with a lot of nasty, biting females. I do
    have a few females that are really tame but it's definitely
    not the norm.


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