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Re: blue and black masked lovies

Posted by steve on 1/31/06
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    your revalations about colour results in babies green/blue parents
    are not always the way. i have a green male which breeds with a blue
    female. this pair have produced dozens of babies over the years, the
    colours of the babies have been yellow, green, blue, albino (pure
    white with pink eyes) grey, yellow and green, blue and white, black
    (yes black with a white trim on the edges of the wings) grey and
    yellow, and probably a few more variations that i cannot think of at
    the moment. it is pure luck what colour babies you get, unless you
    have 2 parents which are pure colour and have never been cross-bred
    into other colours in their ancestry, which is highly unlikely. i
    guess someone is going to jump on me for "allowing" these two to those people... go scream at some one who is bothered
    lolol these two chose each other.