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Re: blue and black masked lovies

Posted by MKay on 1/31/06
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    On 1/31/06, steve wrote:
    > your revalations about colour results in babies green/blue parents
    > are not always the way. i have a green male which breeds with a blue
    > female. this pair have produced dozens of babies over the years, the
    > colours of the babies have been yellow, green, blue, albino (pure
    > white with pink eyes) grey, yellow and green, blue and white, black
    > (yes black with a white trim on the edges of the wings) grey and
    > yellow, and probably a few more variations that i cannot think of at
    > the moment.

    What we failed to mention, is that unless you trace the lineage for
    each parent, you could be surprised with more colors as the parents
    could have hidden traits from previous splits. My male masked is
    split to dilute. You can imagine my surprise when I had a completely
    white baby from my masked pair. She's not completely white now, but
    snow-white down as a baby. Now she has a gentle wash over her back
    and rump of a very light grey-brown in places, and light grey on her
    rump. She's my golden gal!

    I also had a pair of cockatiels that I did not know carried the fallow
    gene, until fallow babies were hatched. If you know for a fact that
    your green bird came from green parents, and your blue came from blue,
    with no other splits, then you can predict that all will be visually
    green. If the green carries blue, then you will have blue and green
    babies. If one was split to ino somewhere along the way, out pop more
    colors! Like Michael said, you never really know what you have until
    you've had a number of clutches to show you.