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Re: blue and black masked lovies

Posted by MKay on 2/02/06
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    On 2hidden "splits," was overlooked.
    >> Michael L
    > Thanks for the information I called the breeders this morning and my female
    > was born in a clutch were the mother was black and grey and the father was
    > blue. My female is blue my boy was born in a clutch were the father was blue
    > and the mother was pure green. so any ideas if my pair has babies what they
    > would look like.
    > Thanks
    > Terry

    Terry, can you post a picture of your mother? She is probably cobalt, or dark
    factor bluemasked, if her dad was double-dark factor. Paired with a green
    male that is split to blue (since his father was blue), theoretically they
    should produce blues, dark blues (cobalt) and green. If your male's father
    was dark blue, and in turn left your male carrying a dark factor, then they
    could also produce double dark factors like the ones pictured below, which by
    your description is the same mutation as the mother of your hen.

    I did not know my male was split to dilute. If any of yours have a hidden
    trait like that, you could get even more colors. Isn't this fun? :)

    *** Please, someone, correct me if I'm mistaken! ***