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Re: another pic of my lovies/MKay

Posted by Terry on 2/04/06
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    On 2/04/06, MKay wrote:
    > Awww.. they're young ones, eh?! Not so confident yet? But
    > that will come! Enjoy them, I'm sure you know that when
    > they do become bonded, they'll likely not tolerate your
    > handling them any longer, and will be very protective of
    > their space.
    > Would this be your first breeding experience, should they
    > mate?

    Yea they are still pretty young and a little bit bonded. They
    have become a little bit nippier since they became closer but
    the still let you hold them. Nubian the female doesnt like to
    be held that much. Yes, I have experience breeding African
    Grey's, I did one Macaw clutch and several Sun COnures, and a
    Blue Quaker. I lived in the country back then and didn't have
    any neighbors but now that I am in the city, and went with
    smaller birds. I am not sure if I am going to breed them most
    likely I will.