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Re: pairs in a flight cage?

Posted by KarenH on 2/05/06
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    I have several pairs of peachfaced lovies all housed 1 pair per
    cage. They are very territorial and will fight so I'd never put
    them together unless the cage was simply enormous. Just too risky
    for me.

    To post pictures, like MKay said, use Imagestation or and upload your pictures there. I use Photobucket.
    Under the picture you want to post is a URL. Copy & paste that URL
    in the section above where it says "IMAGE URL:" Make sure you
    only have one http://. If there are two, it won't work.

    The rump color shows if the bird has a dark factor or not. A
    single dark factor is a darker blue than the normal sky blue and
    simply makes the bird a little darker than a normal bird. A double
    dark factor is indicated by a gray rump and makes the bird even

    A pied bird yellow or white where yellow or white should not be.
    It can be one single feather or almost the entire bird. Pied is a
    dominant gene and one pied bird can make more pied birds.

    There are two series of peachfaced lovebirds: The green series and
    the blue series.

    The green series is the one where the forehead and bib of the bird
    is usually red or orange.

    The blue series birds are also called white faced. The forehead is
    usually a melon color and the bib is white. Blue is recessive.

    DEE WROTE: "the whole idea of identifying all the different colors
    has my head spinning!"

    I'm still laughing about the above statement. I have every book
    you can buy on lovebird colors, genetics, etc. and four years
    later my head is still spinning over lovie colors. Ahahahahahaha.