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Re: Here's one to confuse you! Picture finally

Posted by Dee on 2/05/06
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    On 2/05/06, Ka;renH wrote:
    > The picture would be nice, huh?
    > He also has a single dark factor.
    >> This is a picture of a blue series bird but he has an orangish color on his
    >> bib where it should be white. One of his parents was orangefaced. This is one
    >> bird I should have kept. DOH!

    Thanks for all the info Karen!!!
    "Wilma" is very pretty! I sort of understand what you are saying....although my
    head is still spinning....strangely enough, the reason I decided to start
    breeding the Lovies is due to the variety of colors (haha) but deciphering all
    the color variations is a daunting task to say the least. I have always bred
    larger birds. This is my first try at small birds. Maybe I'll just post
    pictures of all the babies and let all of you more experienced people hash it
    out and tell me what colors the babies are!!!!!!!
    Can you tell me why the picture of the last baby is one you should have kept?
    How do I determine pricing for the different colors? I know that there are more
    rare colors but who determines what is more valuable??? I have my personal
    favorites but not sure if I can price babies based upon my own likes and
    dislikes! Also, I am planning on handfeeding and having tame babies....can you
    tell me if it is "worth" taking the time to handfeed, price wise? The pairs
    will feed all the way out if I choose.....
    Thanks SO much for all the help! This is a great board!