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Re: Buying a pet lovebird

Posted by MKay on 2/05/06
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    On 2/05/06, Michael L wrote:
    > On 2/05/06, Dottie wrote:
    >> When you buy a lovebird (even as a pet) do you ask such
    >> questions as : 1) are they banded? 2) are they hand-
    >> tame/hand fed? 3) have they been vet-checked? and 4) have
    >> they been tested for polyoma and PFBD?
    >> I usually ask these questions but then I have been told I
    >> am "too-picky"--any comments or suggestions would be
    >> appreciated.
    > Dottie,
    > I've spoken with you before about lovebirds and I would have
    > to say that what you are asking is not unrealistic, but the
    > average lovebird breeder cannot afford to do all that you're
    > asking without charging an exorbitant price for the lovebird.
    > My birds are closed banded. My parent pairs have been
    > tested, but not their offspring as I operate a closed aviary.
    > I polyoma vaccinate the babies. I DNA all of my chicks. I
    > handfeed all of my babies, abundantly wean them and keep
    > longer than anyone I know that breeds.
    > I charge $85 & up for these birds and to some folks you
    > think I was asking them to sacrifice their first-born child
    > to pay for one of them.
    > My birds are a bargain in every sense of the word.
    > If you ever start to breed, I welcome to hear from you what
    > you might charge after doing all that you're asking.
    > Michael L

    Hi, Dottie. How are the babies doing? Waiting for pictures!

    I never said you were "too picky" so I hope you're not
    referring to me. As I explained to you, I bought the male as
    a baby, still handfeeding, and raised him. The hen was only
    6mo old when I bought her from a reputable breeder here in the
    area who I had done business with before. Michael is right,
    it would be quite costly to test every bird. My larger
    parrots were tested, and the smaller ones have been here since
    they left the nest. I don't vaccinate for Polyoma because my
    birds have never been at risk for the disease. I don't run a
    business, I do have an avian vet but have to admit that I
    would not think it necessary to have every baby checked unless
    there was cause for concern. Unfortunately, it's quite a
    hike to the only REAL avian vet near me, and I'm lucky to have
    another source that can assist when needed with meds and
    emergency care after hours, or to save the long drive.

    It's because I did not have the birds tested and vaccinated
    that you were able to get healthy babies for parely over out-
    of-nes prices. But, I'm not trying to make money, obviously.
    The money I made from you bought a bag of formula and some
    produce for the rest of the flock. But I knew that you were
    someone who would care for them and enjoy them, that's what
    matters. I have a paying job, and it does not involve
    birds. :)

    Please post pics of those babies! Did you acquire more, or
    are you looking for more?