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Re: Buying a pet lovebird

Posted by Terry on 2/06/06
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    On 2/05/06, Michael L wrote:
    > On 2/05/06, Dottie wrote:
    >> When you buy a lovebird (even as a pet) do you ask such
    >> questions as : 1) are they banded? 2) are they hand-
    >> tame/hand fed? 3) have they been vet-checked? and 4) have
    >> they been tested for polyoma and PFBD?
    >> I usually ask these questions but then I have been told I
    >> am "too-picky"--any comments or suggestions would be
    >> appreciated.
    > Dottie,
    > I've spoken with you before about lovebirds and I would have
    > to say that what you are asking is not unrealistic, but the
    > average lovebird breeder cannot afford to do all that you're
    > asking without charging an exorbitant price for the lovebird.
    > My birds are closed banded. My parent pairs have been
    > tested, but not their offspring as I operate a closed aviary.
    > I polyoma vaccinate the babies. I DNA all of my chicks. I
    > handfeed all of my babies, abundantly wean them and keep
    > longer than anyone I know that breeds.
    > I charge $85 & up for these birds and to some folks you
    > think I was asking them to sacrifice their first-born child
    > to pay for one of them.
    > My birds are a bargain in every sense of the word.
    > If you ever start to breed, I welcome to hear from you what
    > you might charge after doing all that you're asking.
    > Michael L


    I paid $210 for my pair. They had everything done except the
    banding. So your prices arent so much. Atleast you know if
    someone pays that price they have a good chance of going to a
    good home.