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Re: Buying a pet lovebird

Posted by Michael L on 2/06/06
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    On 2/06/06, Dottie wrote:

    > I got "burned" by one unscrupulous person I bought a lovebird
    > from and now maybe I am "too cautious". This person sold me a
    > sick bird and it contaminated all of my lovebirds at the time
    > and I had to start all over.

    OK, I'll bite. What was this illness that contaminated all of
    your lovebirds? And I'm assuming, they had to be put down or
    they died since you had to "start all over."

    For what it's worth, regardless of what the illness was that your
    birds contracted, if you followed standard quarantine procedures,
    tested the new bird for the diseases you are asking about now,
    you would have probably not had any problems with your existing
    flock at the time.

    Michael L