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Re: Buying a pet lovebird

Posted by Dottie on 2/07/06
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    On 2/06/06, Michael L wrote:
    > On 2/06/06, Dottie wrote:
    >> I got "burned" by one unscrupulous person I bought a lovebird
    >> from and now maybe I am "too cautious". This person sold me a
    >> sick bird and it contaminated all of my lovebirds at the time
    >> and I had to start all over.
    > OK, I'll bite. What was this illness that contaminated all of
    > your lovebirds? And I'm assuming, they had to be put down or
    > they died since you had to "start all over."
    > For what it's worth, regardless of what the illness was that
    > birds contracted, if you followed standard quarantine
    > tested the new bird for the diseases you are asking about now,
    > you would have probably not had any problems with your existing
    > flock at the time.
    > Michael L

    You make it sound like it was my fault. Yes, I did the quarantine
    and at that time the vet stated everything "looked good" but no
    testing was done. It was not until later when I switched vets
    that the vet did blood and feather swabs for PFBD which came back
    OK, I said it---it was PFBD! Because I wanted other lovebirds,
    most information I read and those I talked with said that either
    the birds remain on forever house quarantine or else euthanized if
    they become symptomatic.