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Re: Buying a pet lovebird

Posted by MKay on 2/07/06
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    > Michael,
    > You make it sound like it was my fault. Yes, I did the quarantine
    > and at that time the vet stated everything "looked good" but no
    > testing was done. It was not until later when I switched vets
    > that the vet did blood and feather swabs for PFBD which came back
    > positive.
    > OK, I said it---it was PFBD! Because I wanted other lovebirds,
    > most information I read and those I talked with said that either
    > the birds remain on forever house quarantine or else euthanized if
    > they become symptomatic.

    I have to bring all the cards out here, because I am confused and
    I'd really appreciate input from those experienced with this form of
    diagnosing for PBFD.

    I sold Dottie two lovebirds. They were not tested before they came
    here. Their parents were not tested here, either. However, birds
    that I keep in very close proximity have been fully tested, and
    every baby that I handfeed for friends (also kept close by) are
    tested fully before becoming available for sale by their owner.
    Every single bird has come back clean, every single time.

    Dottie, you tell me that your vet came back with results saying my
    babies tested positive for "low level PBFD" .. I have never heard of
    this before. Has anyone else? Either they have the deadly disease,
    or they don't. If they did, you would think the rest of my birds
    (you should see how close they are kept in relation to eachother)
    would become ill, or at the very least cease to produce healthy
    babies. The quakers are next door to the lovebird pair. The person
    I sold my babies to tested them completely. 100% squeaky clean.

    One more note, the vet told Dottie that he tested 450 birds, and
    only 15 came back negative for PBFD. Does that sound odd to anyone
    else? I was under the impression that PBFD was difficult to
    diagnose. Could it be that these birds had moderate to low bacteria
    (would not be unusual with the stress of driving across four states
    to get to their new home) and that bacteria served as an indicator
    for the possibility of PBFD?

    Evelyn, Leanne, Ashley.. can't remember who else posts here that
    have bought birds or been given babies from me, but I have had the
    same ones here for quite a while and absolutely none of the folks
    who have bought or been given my birds have ever come back and said
    that any had a trace of anything, especially something as dramatic
    as PBFD.

    If my vet told me he tested over 450 birds for PBFD and only 15 were
    negative, I'd seriously wonder about the methods used, and if
    contamination occurred.