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Re: Cleaning and PBFD/Dottie Clarification Please?

Posted by Michael L on 2/08/06
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    On 2/08/06, Dottie wrote:
    > On 2/08/06, KarenH wrote:
    >> I thought PBFD was a death sentence. Can birds recover from this?
    >> Karen
    >> On 2/08/06, Michael L wrote:
    >>> On 2/08/06, Dottie wrote:
    >>> Also this virus is most common with african or old
    >>>> world birds-so that those with conures (such as myself) will not
    >>>> be affected by the virus.
    >>> Nothing could be further from the truth. All Psittacine species are
    >>> susceptable to PBFD. This also includes Lories and Lorikeets.
    >>> Michael L
    > I give up--no matter what I say someone is going to disagree. Check it
    > out on the internet or talk with Branson Richie at Georgia University.

    Dottie I have checked it out on the Internet. While there are some species
    of birds that are more susceptible than others, NO species is immune to
    contracting this disease. To think that your conures are protected because
    they are conures is ludicrous.
    I'm sorry that these new birds are, in essence, exactly the same as the
    last batch of lovebirds that you bought and had to put down.

    Michael L