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Re: PBFD Info & Opinions

Posted by MKay on 2/09/06
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    Jessica, thank you for your post, which I am in no way
    offended by! I already have the testing kits necessary from
    Avian Biotech, and will be testing specifically for PBFD this
    time. Usually, I'd only check for Polyoma or Psitticosis.

    Thank you again for all of the information you provided.

    >> To All -- Sorry to throw so much opinion into an
    >> intentionally informational post (and sorry it's so
    >> long!). I would hate to see this as turning into a breeder
    >> vs pet owner debate. Breeders and pet owners should be
    >> working TOGETHER to conquer this (and all other) avian
    >> disease. Without everyone' cooperation, it is really
    >> difficult to track down where any given bird has come into
    >> contact with the virus.
    > Thank you very much, Jessica, for the solid information.
    > I knew you had been through this and was hoping you would
    > the post.
    > I appreciate all that you offered.
    > Michael L