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Re: PBFD Info & Opinions

Posted by Dottie on 2/09/06
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    On 2/09/06, Alison wrote:
    > Excellent post! Lots of good information. :) -Alison-
    To All:
    I was not blaming anyone because I know how expensive this can
    be and is. I was merely asking if it was inappropriate to ask
    if the PBFD test be done before purchasing a bird. Also, as
    in the case of MaryK's birds-everyone has a choice. I chose to
    go and purchase them anyway. It is also the chance I take.
    The other reason I ask these questions is so that I can have
    a history on the birds that I purchase. As any respondsible
    bird owner, I had the bird tested and vet-checked within a
    week of arriving home.