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Re: PBFD Info & Opinions

Posted by Jessica on 2/09/06
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    > To All:
    > I was not blaming anyone because I know how expensive this can
    > be and is. I was merely asking if it was inappropriate to ask
    > if the PBFD test be done before purchasing a bird. Also, as
    > in the case of MaryK's birds-everyone has a choice. I chose to
    > go and purchase them anyway. It is also the chance I take.
    > The other reason I ask these questions is so that I can have
    > a history on the birds that I purchase. As any respondsible
    > bird owner, I had the bird tested and vet-checked within a
    > week of arriving home.

    Thanks to all for not taking my post offensively, as it was not
    intended to be.

    To Dottie: I know you're in a frustrating situation, seeing as
    you've come through PBFD once before. I did not get involved in
    the original question you posted, though, as to whether your
    questions were unreasonable.

    Personally, I think that you have the right to ask the questions
    that you've posted to any breeder you get birds from. And those
    breeders should be able to fully answer each of your questions to
    let you know what steps they've taken to ensure their birds' good
    health. You may not always get the answers that you were hoping
    for, but then you are a fully informed buyer should you go ahead
    and purchase birds anyway. That is only fair, and I would expect
    the same courtesy given to me when I am purchasing birds. I,
    too, want to know where my birds are coming from. The more
    questions you ask, the more you will learn about the breeder,
    which will help you make the decision whether you want to buy a
    bird from them or not.

    Keep asking questions! You can't regret what you asked up
    front. The regret comes when you DON'T ask a question, and find
    a problem later on.

    I truly hope this situation works out for the best for both you
    and your birds.