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Re: PBFD Info & Opinions

Posted by MKay on 2/09/06
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    On 2/09/06, Jessica wrote:
    >> As any respondsible
    >> bird owner, I had the bird tested and vet-checked within a
    >> week of arriving home.

    It's okay, I'm not taking that personally, just because I did not
    test every single bird that was brought in my house. I guess if my
    husband was a doctor, I'd be able to afford to run every test on
    every bird. :) All of the larger ones and some of the smaller
    ones have been tested either by the vet or by mail-in swabs taken
    by me.

    I knew the sources well enough to know that their birds are
    tested, and if the test comes back negative in 90 days, then we
    know that they just carry the titre, which, according to your vet
    with 335 results positive of 450, is "nothing to worry about."