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Re: Testing

Posted by Jeannie on 2/11/06
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    On 2/10/06, Dottie wrote:
    > I am not blaming anyone, only regret that I am having such
    > bad luck. Maybe it just isn't meant for me to have
    > lovebirds (although I cannot resist the little darlings :))
    > I would not wish this on my worst enemy. I understand
    > both sides. I thank MaryK for giving me as much
    > information as she did, not all breeders are as
    > forthcoming. I never knew anything about Pbfd until after
    > my bird contracted it- now I just am almost too cautious.
    > I will keep everyone posted on the outcome of the next
    > testing (should be in late March--say a prayer for me that
    > it will be negative)
    Dottie, the first prayer has gone upwards. I want to say how
    sorry I am for your bad luck. Maybe it is not just bad luck
    but a bad time. It is good of you to share what you are
    learning from this. Also to Maryk for her sharing her
    knowledge with you. Most people find that sharing and
    helping comes back to you twofold. Best wishes to you
    both. Jeannie