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Re: Infertile Lovebirds

Posted by Jessica on 2/12/06
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    If your birds appear to get along in every other respect (he
    feeds the female, they sit close together, they appear to
    prepare the nest together), then this could just be a bad
    habit. A friend of mine had a male that was this way, too.
    The problem was that he was a single bird until well after
    he was 1 year old, so once sexual maturity hit, he would rid
    himself of his frustrations on the perch. After a female
    was introduced, they got along great, but he would mate with
    the perch instead of her. She had a clutch of infertile
    eggs due to this, just as yours sound as though they had.

    My friend asked around to a number of reputable breeders in
    the ALBS, and one suggested that when she set them up for
    breeding, she should remove all the perches in the cage.
    That way, the male doesn't have his first choice for this
    behavior, and hopefully will figure out where to turn next.
    So he did! She is handfeeding three babies from this pair
    now. Might I suggest you removing perches from the cage
    when you set them up to breed again?

    After the eggs were laid, the perches were returned to the
    cage. I'm not sure what she will do next time she sets them
    up for breeding (they'll be on rest for a while now). Maybe
    she won't need to pull the perches out next time, since he
    now understands how to successfully breed? I don't know. I
    guess she'll cross that bridge when she gets there.

    Good luck!

    On 2/12/06, Evelyn wrote:
    > I have a pair of lovebirds who have never had fertile
    > eggs. The male would rather play "cowboy" on his perch.
    > They make wonderful foster parents, however. I was just
    > wondering if there is a possibility that the male would
    > take a different hen... or is this habit incurable?